When the Trust-e-Lead is connected to power the electronic circuits test for Active Polarity and Earth return connectivity, if no faults are detected a GREEN light is given, if a fault is detected a RED light is indicated and power shouldn’t be used. The electronic circuits will continually monitor the status of the M.E.N power whilst your appliance is in use.

A GREEN Light Indicates when

  • The incoming Active Power Polarity is correct +
  • The Neutral and Earth connections are conducting +
  • No elevated Earth voltage is detected greater than Neutral

Note: A Magnetic Test should be conducted to confirm the E-Circuitry is functioning correctly when a GREEN light is given, it should turn RED when a strong magnet is placed within close proximity to the (T) marking on the top of the plug and socket.

Possible Causes for a RED light (If the Lead is connected to any of the following)

  • A power source that has an incorrectly located Active Polarity
  • A power source that has an open circuit Earth Return Path
  • A faulty appliance leaking voltage to a high resistance Earth
  • A power system that has a faulty high resistance Earth
  • A power source that is not standard Australian MEN reticulation
  • A damaged cable is present within the extension lead
  • A faulty MEN Earth / Neutral connection point
  • Or the E-Circuitry in the lead has faulted
  • A un-Earthed (Floating Earth) power system is being used
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