Ventilation Pipe Bands

We carry a large range of FRAS Rubber Vent Bands. All of our Vent Bands is Compliance/Approvals: MDG3608 and Electrical resistance, Oxygen and Flame prorogation. We are happy to help with any Site specific sizes and arrangements.

Part No. EIE-1002-710R

Round Vent Band - Blue Tag

Part No. EIE-1003-710O

Oval Vent Band - Reflective Yellow Tag

Part No. EIE-1005-612O/R

Oval/Round Vent Band - Red Tag

Part No. EIE-1006-612R

Round Vent Band - Green Tag

Part No. EIE-1009-762R

Round Vent Band - Yellow Tag


Our Gale Brattice is Australian manufactured. 30 years experience in the manufacture of mine compliant brattice. Full ISO accreditation which ensures that every roll is tested in the Melbourne laboratory and every roll is traceable back to the batch and the testing that has been conducted. Compliant with MDG3608 Electrical resistance, Oxygen and Flame propagation. Custom sizes available on request.
Part No. EIE-01028 Gale Brattice, 50mtr x 3.66mtr
Part No. EIE-01029/4m Gale Brattice, 50mtr x 4.00mtr
Part No. EIE-01029 Gale Brattice, 50mtr x 4.57mtr
Part No. EIE-1028 Coalmax Brattice, 50mtr x 3.66mtr

Pogo Sticks

Heavy Duty Spring for extra holding capacity. End caps with captive screw to ensure positive, long lasting retention. Available in two standard sizes.
Part No. EIE-01021 Pogo Stick; 2.1 - 3.4mtr (working height); Short series
Part No. EIE-01022 Pogo stick; 2.9 - 4.5mtr (working height); Long series