Elite Powered Mirrors

Product Overview

“WHS best practices require drivers to operate the truck with optimal vision and minimal discomfort.”

The centre of some mirrors can sit over a metre away from the walkway. Mirrors on wide bodied trucks sit even further away. Having the fitters lean over the safety rail to manually adjust mirrors is not a safe practice. The Safest method of adjustment requires the use of an EWP adding equipment cost and downtime to the process.

Elite Powered Mirrors remove the hazards and downtime associated with adjusting mirrors. The operator can easily adjust the mirror in both vertical and horizontal planes using a ‘hard-wired’ controller inside the cab.

Recent trails have resulted in positive feedback with all operators indicating that they used the Elite Mirror at the start of every shift to suit their individual preferences and maximise the field of view.

Features & Benefits


Massive 31% reduction in blind spot.

When reversing 31% of you (rear on-side) blind spot now becomes easilyvisible by simply adjusting your LHT Electric Mirror outward whilst sitting comfortable in your operators seat.

“Enormous 31% reduction in blind spot will reduce the possibility of Light Vehicle / Haul Truck collisions especially around the workshop”.

OH&S benefits for fitters with them no longer having to lean through safety rails or kneel on grates to manually adjust the mirror.

Operators no longer have to move awkwardly in their seats, causing possible aches and strains, just to get a proper vision, 65% of operators surveyed said the just put up with the mirror being out of position and just stretch / lean to try to see properly.

100% of operator using the LHT Electric Mirror said they used it at the start of every shift.


Elite Industrial Equipment, an Australian company, has been dedicated to developing an Electric Mirror for Large Haul Trucks. Invented in Australia, we have trialled various prototypes in the lead up to the final product that has been successfully tested fin numerous mine sites around the world.

The system has been designed with simplicity in mind. Two electric linear actuators provide smooth movement for Pan and Tilt functions. The weight of the components is carried through the frame posing little impact on the moving parts. All components have been designed to withstand harsh mining environments.

Smooth Control of the unit is equally important. The electric controller has been designed to be compact, but tough.

Blind Spot Reduction

Standard Blind Spots
Extra 31% view with LHT Electric Mirror