Elite Capabilities

    Workshop & Warehouse 1

    • 3000m2 Land Area
    • 10 Tonne Crane
    • Welding Machines
    • Hydraulic Press
    • Hydraulic Power Pack
    • Full Inventory & Warehouse

    Workshop & Warehouse 2

    • 1000m2 Workshop
    • 24,000m2 Land Area
    • 5 Tonne Crane
    • 3.2 Tonne Crane
    • Welding Machines
    • Hydraulic Press
    • Hydraulic Power Pack
    • Bending Machines
    • Guilliotine

    Elite Industrial Equipment is part of the Elite Mining Group of companies established in 2010 as a major supplier of mining equipment and consumables for the Surface and Underground Coal Industry.

    We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to Australian Standards at a competitive price.

    Elite currently operate out of our warehouse and workshop facilities located in Weston NSW, about 45 minutes Northwest of Newcastle.Save Save

    We have fully equipped facilities capable of all fabrication requirements and supplying all your consumable needs in the first instance as well as additional services in the form of:

    • Project Management and Planning.
    • Hydraulic Supply, Repair and Testing.
    • Instrumentation Supply, Repair and Testing.
    • Pump Supply, Repair and Testing.
    • Welding and Cutting Machines and Consumables.
    • Fabrication and Supply of QDS Mining attachments.
    • Ventilation Systems and Supplies for Mining and Tunnelling.

    At Elite Industrial Equipment we employ stock management software to ensures all stock movements are accurate and integrated with our Quality System enabling us to supply a consistent product every time.

    We believe it is this attention to detail that sets us apart from other supplier and ensures that we deliver to you quality product, when you need it at a competitive price.

    At Elite we have over 100 years of combined Coal Mining experience obtained within the industry ensuring our products are fit for purpose and meet the end users expectations.

    As our business continues to grow we will increase the range of the products on offer and look forward to providing samples to you for consideration.

    If there is an item not stocked that is of interest to your organisation please contact us as generally we can source cost competitive alternate products.

    As part of being able to provide quality products and services, we have aligned ourselves with various companies, in order to keep our overheads low meaning our prices are competitive:

    Alliance Companies & Services

    Fabrication & Manufacturing

    Fabrication and manufacturing facility 500mtrs away, 12 x workshop and site employees.

    Ability to ensure availability of qualified boilermakers and equipment as required for this project.

    1400m2 workshop and also have 5 acres of yard space that is available for storage as required.

    Wear Plate Processing

    Wear plate processing, profile plates and supply facility.

    Our alliance with 2 of the main manufacturers of wear plates and profile plates has been developed for over 10 years and we are able to ensure prompt service and processing to suit customer requirements.

    In many cases we can arrange next day deliveries.


    We work very closely with 4 x Hydraulic Companies that are available for all Hydraulic hosing, valving and support that will be required.

    Machine Shops

    We have alliances set-up with 3 x machine shops which allows us the ability to manufacture and supply a wide range of machined parts.

    All of these facilities are within 30km.

    Bearings & Gearboxes

    We have alliances set-up with 3 x Bearings suppliers and Gearbox overhaul facilities which allows us the ability to manufacture, overhaul and supply a wide range parts as required.

    All of these facilities are within 30km.

    Motor Rewinds & Overhauls

    We have extremely good business relationships with 2 of the key suppliers for Motor rewinds and overhauls.

    We have had long standing relationships with these companies for over 10 years whilst building and overhauling mining equipment including Continuous Miners, Mules, Man Transporters and Conveyor Running Equipment.

    Electrical Requirements

    We have access to several suppliers for electrical cabling and consumables that may be required.

    We also have a long standing relationship with 2 of the main national suppliers of cabinets, switchboards and large MCB’s.