Dump Truck Electric Mirrors

    Dump Truck Electric Mirrors

    • NO production downtime for mirror adjustment
    • Heavy Duty purpose built for the mining industry
    • OH&S benefits for drivers and fitters
    • 12 Months warranty
    • Quick & easy fitting to all existing Haul Trucks (on-site fitting available)
    • In-cab joystick controller

    The LHT Electric Mirror frame is made from high strengthened light-weight aluminium. Mirror lenses can be easily replaced from the cab platform by turning the mirror inwards towards the truck. This can eliminate the need for EWP’s or having the truck return to the workshop.

    The mirrors on large haul trucks now sit almost a metre away from the walkway – mirror settings for each operator have to be adjusted to ensure optimal safe operation of the vehicle. This results in downtime as it requires a mechanical fitter or cherry picker, which is costly, slow and impractical. Forty five minutes lost on a truck due to regular mirror adjustments can lead to large production losses throughout the year. Loss of unnecessary fitter time also disrupts plan maintenance schedules.

    There has also been a push over the last few years to re-design deeper and wider truck trays to maximise their carrying capacity. The tray enlargement means truck mirrors have to sit further away from the cab to allow visibility along and above the side of the truck. Larger mirrors are also required to view the back wheel and loading overhead.

    Workplace changes and demands on productivity have created the opportunity and requirement to work machines longer hours, ‘sweating the assets’.

    Hot seat changeovers and part-time crews that cover crib times are becoming more common place. Up to three different operators could be driving the same truck on any given shift and all need to adjust the mirrors for their optimal safety viewing, because of the need to quickly and easily adjust the mirrors Alpine Tech Innovation’s LHT Electric Mirror was created.

    Features & Benefits

    • Worldwide International Patent
    • 12 month replacement warranty
    • Laboratory shock tested to 2.5G +/-, maximum onsite reading (accelerometer) 2G
    • large 1240mm mirror height
    • 15% reduction in rear blind spot
    • Quick easy fitting to all existing Haul Trucks
    • IP68 dust, weather and temp certified
    • 24v, circuits in controller, 2amp fuse
    • Low speed Pulse Width Modulation = Slow Speed Control
    • Low ratio strengthened gearbox
    • In-Cab joystick controller
    • No added weight, 15kg total weight including motor & mirror (old mirror 15kg alone!)
    • NO Loss Of Production Time for mirror adjustment, shift change, hot seating and all sized operator friendly
    • NO Loss Of Fitter Time to adjust mirror
    • OH&S benefits for OPERATORS no longer having to strain to see mirror
    • OH&S benefits for FITTERS no longer having to lean through safety rail to adjust mirror
    • COST savings with no loss of truck time
    • Case study figures available